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Mammal’s white-wall gallery space is an ever-evolving carte blanche for curators, artists, performers, and even educators. Often interactive and interdisciplinary, the gallery serves to connect-the-dots between creative communities and provide a platform whereby to reach and engage Atlanta and its visitors.


Our vibrant venue space plays host to all varieties of equally vibrant expressions and perspectives. As often as performance intertwines with art in our gallery space, our venue space shifts and morphs with the collaborative efforts of visual, digital, video, and conceptual artists. Whether emerging or established, Mammal strives to be a unique home in Atlanta for performers local and world-wide.


With a variety of studio spaces as well as a communal work space, creation is a  round the clock affair at Mammal. Since 2013, the space has been home to resident and permanent artists alike. Artists have the opportunity to host studio visits and interact with curators and artists participating in the gallery program.