Machine Girl


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GNR Sound & WREK Present
Machine Girl w/ Special Guests

April 17 | 9PM | $5ADV-$10DOS
The Mammal Gallery satellite location:
H. L. Greene's
86 Broad St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303

“…BECAUSE I’M YOUNG ARROGANT AND HATE EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR doesn’t have the answer to our problems, but that doesn’t make it any less ready to confront them. Machine Girl’s music has always flitted between various poles of underground sound, diving into harsh footwork drills on 2014’s WLFGRL and grinding out vapor-lite pop moves on their Orange Milk debut, GEMINI. But BIYAAHEYSF takes the project to an entirely new dimension of styleplay. Fueling itself to capacity with the craven residue of every kind of high-tempo music imaginable (and front-loaded with absolutely ravenous, frothing vocals that even the tag “cyber-punk” doesn’t fully do justice), the album heaps frustration upon frustration atop one another, becoming a pure manifestation of blind rage that, surprisingly, carries an uncommon sense of self-awareness not often heard in protest music.”

~performance art by Monte Qarlo~
~video + light art installation by AGYN~
~video game lounge~

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GNR and WREK Present
Machine Girl W/ Special Guests

NO EYES (Never Normal Recordss)
“Over the last eight years Georgie has blended elements of underground genres such as dreamwave, witch house, world, and drone music, into haunting and shoegazey sounds rife with 8-bit glitches. Georgie hones in on DIY aesthetics by single-handedly producing and recording songs in his bedroom with an arsenal of analog synthesizers.”
-Creative Loafing

Tekkenkonkreet (ETCH/NYC)
NYC based producer merging Techno and Ambient.

@celines (of BIG DED + Pallas)
electronic experimental noise

x.nte (NULL|ZØNE//)
“A relentless assault of warped melodies, hyperkinetic beats, and frazzled, glitched-out noise.”
– Immersive Atlanta

sungoth makes experimental noise and trance music in the comfort of their bedroom in Atlanta GA