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Eight emerging artists present works full of Joy&Agony at the Mammal Gallery. These works range from installation, paintings & prints, sculpture and performance.

Artists: Alexa Holland, Amberly Hood, Anzlie, Carlos Martinez, Daeun Kang, Kaye Patton, Marianne Lim, and Sara Marie.

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Hands and Holes

Three artists (Daeun Kang, Alexa Holland, and Kaye Lee Patton) performed ‘Hands and Holes’ at the Mammal Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. These artists were inside the loop of white traditional Korean paper and interacted with the viewers. This performance lasted two hours long. The artists first interacted with the viewers by reaching out their hands to the viewers through the cut out holes. As the performance continued, the artists gradually developed more spontaneous actions such as poking a hole to peep on viewers and hitting on the paper to grab the viewers’ attention. The artists were interested in the idea of faux-intimacy and isolation that people experience living in the contemporary society consumed by digital technology. The colors and gestures refers to the visuals from the social media (e.g. Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder). This work hints on our obsession and dependence with social interaction via technology.

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All Rights Reserved to Daeun ‘Flora’ Kang and Ana Milena Bojanini