Saturday, February 28th – 8:00pm

Sweater Summer Light Art Party 

A unforgettable evening of music and light art to celebrate the end of winter. Featuring the work and innovations of 10 local light artists, both floors of Mammal fill the senses. The main venue space combines the music of local artists Culture Culture, Breathers, DJ Yoon Nam, and main attraction Flamingo Shadow with custom light installations for each set. Upstairs features a gallery style presentation of the artists work including brain-interactive feedback loops, an old fashioned zoetrope, and an immersive sound and light hallway to list a few.

All images property of ArtsATL & Haylee Anne Photo


Paige Adair
Paige Adair is an Atlanta artist working in time-based media. Her practice explores narrative structures and spatial relations, combining a study of fairy tales, fantasy, cultural ephemera, and magical realism.

Dale Adams
After 30 years of experience in audio, video and film production, Dale Adams has come to specialize in creating immersive story experiences through the use of visual and sonic palettes.

Mason Brown
Mason Brown is the programmer/composer of Color-Tone Drone, a guitar orchestra conducted by colors, and with the ambient/drone project Brainworlds, where he performs with pitch-responsive LEDs.

Chris Ahnberg
After years of working with audiovisual technology, Chris has come to focus on designing and programming interactive, immersive, experiences. His piece for Sweater Summer is entitled t∞ many.

Ian Cone
Ian Cone is an Atlanta-based filmmaker, conceptual artist, and experimental sound composer. His recent work includes the collaborative Synaesthesia, Chroma Future, and the Vice documentary on Donald Trump’s Wisconsin Victory Rally.

William Kennedy
William Kennedy designs and creates objects with light and motion that play with the ideas of normalcy and a sense of belonging through color, re-purposing, programming, and scavenging (many lights and installations that live at Mammal are imagined and created by William)

Kris Pilcher
Kris Pilcher is a multidisciplinary artist whose work deals with themes of social awareness, science fiction, and shamanic teachings. Kris’ work details the overlapping nature of the physical and digital worlds.

Zach Pyles
Zach Pyles is a recording engineer who asks “what would wind chimes feel like if you were a bird?” He hopes to answer that question at Sweater Summer.

Rebecca Shenfeld
Rebecca Shenfeld is an illustrator and animator that creates mesmerizing hand-drawn video animation with lush layers of mixed media and symbolism.

Marcy Starz
Marcy Starz’s paintings have been exhibited at Mason Fine Art, MOCA GA, and Beep Beep Gallery. In 2016 she was included in Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta exhibition. This will be her first art installation incorporating light.