Walker Keith JerniganRepurposed Aggression – Curated by Daria Filardo

July 2nd – 31st

Opening Reception: Saturday July 2 (7-11pm)

Repurposed Aggression is a condition of urgency, where uncontrollable, difficult explosions happening inside find ways to come out as a form. This form is dangerous, on the edge of the abyss, yet contained, sublimated and perfect in its own way.

Repurposed Aggression is a long path. Showing its forms can be a frightening exposure. It can hurt but also liberates an awareness of what else runs through our veins, and lets it out.

The shift from a sports career to an artistic one is the spark that moved Walker Keith Jernigan. That shift is one of abandonment and surrender to art, giving the world the forms, disbanding a sense of anxious ownership thus letting them be real devices for everyone. Repurposed Aggression is love, cash, soccer balls, baseball bats, an arrow, ropes, lights, punching bag.